Mechanical DB2 Pumps for our trucks!

Hey all!

This is a very short page, and that's only because I wanted to quickly tell everyone that John at Quadstar is now providing mechanical DB2 4911 injection pumps for our trucks!

Personally, finding a good pump with good customer service was difficult to say the least (I bought mine from that guy in New York).
John at Quadstar has always been willing to help dipshits like me to understand how to properly install and use the things he sells. 

From John:
"These are one of those things we can build since we have a good core bank. And keep building them while there is demand until we run out of the good head and rotors. Hopefully a couple years."

So far, I've been able to make my current pump suffer through all the craziness that I've put it through in these pages (as of 2019) but I know I'll be needing another one someday so...

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