Pulling The Inner Fender On Your GM 6.5 Truck

Pulling the inner fender on your GM 6.5 truck (or gasser) is something that everyone should be able to do since it makes so many other things much easier to do.

From changing glow plugs to changing injectors and anything else that requires you to work on the passenger side of your 6.5, removing the inner fender will make it all so much easier

    Sorry I didn't get any photos but with the video it's a pretty straight forward process. Rust will likely be your biggest issue.



    We start with Jacking up the truck so we start with safety. First loosen all lug nuts on both wheels, jack up the truck and use a sturdy pair of jack stands on a solid surface to support that big pig
  • Remove all the lug nuts and pull the wheel off
  • If you still have the rubber protector, pull it off. Using the proper forked trim removal tool will prevent any tearing. I tore
  • I screwed mine all up, but make note of what bolt goes where as you remove them. Most are all the same but there are different size washers, and (I believe) different lengths as well
  • Remove all the 13mm bolts around the perimeter of the wheel well followed by all the rest in the inner part (it really doesn't matter what sequence you do it in, just rip and tear)
  • Other than the bolts, there is the nut holding the air cleaner housing, and the only real oddball is the little 7mm bolt securing the plastic part of the grill assembly at the front edge of the wheel arch
  • If this job hasn't been done for a while, or ever. You're likely going to have to deal with frozen bolts. The night before, spray all bolts that you can get to with Kroil and just plan on drilling to EZ out for any breaks
  • When you get everything loose, you're ready to work the fender out
  • Wear work gloves for this if you're not, the edges can be pretty sharp and there is a pinch potential

First and foremost, be patient here. I seem to have the best success starting at the front to give it a little clearance to work it out. 
I have used a flat blade screwdriver to get the front pried loose from its place.
Just keep working it, it does come out and it's worth the trouble

Good job! Now go have a beer (if it's past 5) and calm down a bit.

Remember, when you put this all back together, first clean all the threads with a thread chase or at least a wire wheel first and use anti-seize.

From now on, this job will be a breeze!

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