Harmonic Balancer Install Tool

If you are doing the smart thing and changing your harmonic balancer before it self destructs and destroys your whole motor, you may have a hard time finding the right install tool. Personally, I couldn't find one anywhere, so I made one for us to use specifically for our motors.

Now, if you have been looking, you may have seen that the GM spec'd tool for this job (the J 39046) can run anywhere from $250 used to over $800 new. Yeah, $800. That's ridiculous.

My tool is perfect for the garage mechanic who won't be doing this job many times (the bearings would need to be replaced more frequently for the professional). 

It's simple, easy to use and best of all, CHEAP!


New and Improved!

I recently replaced the nut on the tool to a shouldered style that completely covers the surface of the washer and bearing, putting a more thorough, even pressure on them that should help ease install and provide longer life.

Shouldered nut
Shouldered nut and bearing set

The shouldered nut should provide better coverage to ease install and provide longer life.



  • Slide the balancer on the crank
  • Thread the install tool into the crank
  • Slide your large crank washer on
  • Then the small washer, bearing, and other washer from the tool
  • Now thread on the nut and start cranking!

The bearings come pre-lubed but you should always pack more grease in before using again.

Of course you can go out and spend the time to source all these parts yourself, cut to fit, and maybe save a few bucks (you won't really with all the time it takes), or you can just have it at your doorstep in a few days for just $30. 

That's cheap!

Order one today!

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